Earned – Week Two Of College Football Rankings

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With week two of college football out of the way the teams that have earned a spot in the Top 25 are emerging. That is, teams that have demonstrated through their performances thus far that they belong. Preseason polls often involve a lot of history and a great deal of projection. It’s a great place to start but without sufficient information in hand it’s a statistical game of darts. Two weeks of play is still scratching the surface but it helps to clear out the earlier assumptions. By the third (upcoming) and fourth weeks voters in both the AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches’ Poll will have a good idea where teams belong.

The ACC is short on teams finding their way into the polls. But, that’s not to say that there aren’t a few that are ascending. There definitely are and you’ll see a much clearer picture of who they are in the Coaches’ Poll.

In this week’s AP Top 25 there are three ACC Nation teams. There’s a swap of conference teams following this weekend’s games.

Syracuse took a tumble following a hard hit from Maryland that brought into question some of the strength’s of the Orange. The defense, on paper, was assumed to be the stronger when compared to the offense. That didn’t turn out to be the case, at least against the Terps. The Dino Baber’s led Orange struggled at all the most inopportune moments.


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Virginia continues to build momentum and they had a good showing in all three phases against former head coach Mike London’s William & Mary Tribe. It was enough to bring in a vote of confidence in the AP Top 25 where they debut this week. Earned? No doubt. but voters are not very forgiving so the Bronco Mendenhall led Cavaliers must keep delivering to hold that prized spot in the poll.


ACC Nation Teams


The Coaches’ Poll took a harder stance when it came to Syracuse and frankly, the ACC as a whole. The Orange completely dropped off the radar when the voting was tallied.

On the other side of the coin five teams received votes (and recognition) for their performances in the first two weeks. Much like in the Receiving Votes Category of the AP Top 25, conference teams will have to earn their way into the polls. There’s plenty of challenges and opportunities to rise ahead.

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If you look at it from this perspective, that conference, overall, wasn’t thought of very highly going into the season, then this is a positive trend. Voters will continue to go with that preseason ‘prejudice’ (if you will) against ACC teams until they otherwise earn their way into the polls.