Duke Cracks D1Baseball Preseason Top 25


Duke Cracks D1Baseball Preseason Top 25

There aren’t too many surprises in the D1Baseball Preseason Top 25. Florida is loaded up with pitchers again and sits atop the poll. The SEC appears to have taken back the mantle of dominant baseball conference this season from the ACC. The usual suspects from the conference are in the poll. Wait, there’s one team that seems out of place and that’s Duke.

First, we’ll take a look at the teams that are in the preseason 25 from the conference, then the teams that aren’t and finally, Duke.

Florida State is the expected front runner for the conference. The Seminoles have whittled out a spot in the top 5 of the poll. Not too surprising as depth and experience certainly isn’t in short supply in Tallahassee.

Cruising in on the heels of the Noles are the Tar Heels.  This really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise either as North Carolina has a whole lot in the tank this season.

Louisville and Virginia find themselves in the middle of the pack. The Cardinals grab a top 15 spot while the Cavaliers keep themselves in the top 20. No such thing as a reload for either of these teams. Just a nice even stream of fresh faces.

Duke Cracks D1Baseball Preseason Top 25

And then, we look at who isn’t in the poll from the ACC. Clemson, Miami and NC State are suspiciously absent. As there isn’t an RV category with this specific poll we can assume that they were at least considered. Or, maybe not.

Keep in mind that other preseason polls have included some of these ACC teams and in fairly high positions.

The Wolfpack appear to be the first team left out of the final poll according to their writers. So, if you’re counting and these things bother you, that would put them at #26. If they’re all that fans believe them to be it won’t be long before they crack the Top 25.

Clemson brings back some depth and some experience, but apparently not enough to convince the writers that the Tigers could make their way through the crowd. There may be too many question marks in enough areas to warrant not including Clemson in the mix this early.

Perhaps, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest deserve a little bit of attention but we won’t push it. After all, this is a preseason poll and there’s plenty of time for teams to prove or disprove themselves.

The writers do feel that the Demon Deacons may be a bit too freshman oriented to carry enough water this season.

Duke Cracks D1Baseball Preseason Top 25

Now, let’s talk about Duke. Pointing to the coaching changes and steadfast efforts to do some solid recruiting, the writers felt that all the changes are about to pay off. We tend to agree. Other polls do as well.

Eight starting position players along with 22 letter winners are back for the Blue Devils. Seniors Mitch Stallings and Ryan Day are a small part of the bullpen that returns almost 70 percent of the pitched innings from 2017. Depth, experience and a year of seasoning.

Keep in mind this is the team that took out #10 Virginia and #14 Clemson in last year’s ACC Baseball Tournament.

Duke will get the opportunity to prove themselves with an opener against preseason #14 Vanderbilt.

D1Baseball Preseason Top 25

  • #5     Florida State
  • #6     North Carolina
  • #15   Louisville
  • #19   Virginia
  • #25   Duke

Duke Cracks D1Baseball Preseason Top 25

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