Dessert First


Remember how moms used to tell you that eating dessert first would ruin your appetite? We still love you mom but we beg to differ. The 2019 Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings (KenPom) is dessert and if anything, it will further whet your appetite for the main course.

For the stat’s driven basketball fan (those that understand how stats work), KenPom is close to the Holy Grail. If you’re wondering how statistical analysis can work without any games being played here comes the short version. You already have stats on all of the players returning and new recruits. There are enough trends to set up very clear pictures of what can, could and should happen.

For the truly hard headed we suggest you contact your local college and ask for the person with Dr. in front of their name to explain it in detail.

Back to dessert. This is a go back for seconds type of tasty for ACC basketball fans. This not-so-early look has 8 conference teams ranked in the top 25. We’ll also look at how teams fair in the Adjusted Offense and Adjusted Defense ratings as well.

Dessert First – KenPom’s ACC

#8Syracuse Logo

The remainder of conference teams rank from #36 to #139 in the Pomeroy Ratings.

Now, let’s take a more involved look at how Pomeroy views ACC teams in two important categories. Here’s the top 25 of Adjusted Offense (efficiency: points scored per 100 possessions and Adjusted Defense (efficiency: points allowed per 100 possessions) for conference teams.

#4 North Carolina#2 Virginia
#5 Duke#3 Syracuse
#8 Virginia Tech#5 Duke
#11 Florida State#7 North Carolina
#14 Virginia#11 Clemson
#15 NC State#18 Miami
#17 Syracuse
#22 Clemson

You’ll notice a significant spread between the offensive and defensive rankings for a number of teams. At the same time Duke and North Carolina have very little. An unfortunate response to this may be that the only thing that matters is if the team won or lost the game. Ultimately you can get away with that but when it comes to delivering in a pinch, when everything is on the line, the closer these two categories are the better.

Are you ready for some basketball? The ACC non-conference schedule begins Tuesday, November 6.

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