CSCAA Preseason Swim Dive Top 25

Swim Dive

Last year’s final CSCAA Swim Dive Top 25 placed NC State and Virginia at the top of the men’s and women’s rankings for ACC teams. The Wolfpack take that momentum into the 2018-2019 season and Virginia isn’t too far off the mark.

The Wolfpack and Cavaliers won ACC Swimming and Diving Championship titles last season. From the preseason polling on the women’s side Louisville presents itself as a challenger to that title.

NC State men placed fourth in the NCAA Championships while the Cardinals took fifth.

The top conference teams are right back in the mix of this year’s preseason Top 25 as well. A total of 5 men’s teams and 6 women’s teams make the 25. Two additional teams, both men’s and women’s are in the receiving votes category and pushing hard to crack the poll.

CSCAA Preseason Swim Dive Top 25 – The ACC

RV #26#25
RV #28RV #26
RV #27

CSCAA Preseason Swim Dive Top 25 – ACC/Big Ten Challenge

A number of teams have been active since late September and early October. There is a more robust schedule for all ACC teams on the horizon.

The ACC/Big Ten Challenge is a big part of the competition that awaits.

The inaugural event will feature a format similar to the 2016 College Challenge. The dual meet competition will combine points earned by both men and women. The winner of the meet will be determined by team scoring.

The selection process for competitors also mirrors the College Challenge in that at least three men and three women from each team will compete. The total will be limited to five individuals from each school. This will apply to both swimming and diving events.

Each of the individuals selected can enter up to six events.

ACC Performers Of The Week

The ACC Swimmers of the Week honors go to Georgia Tech’s Caio Pumputis and Virginia’s Morgan Hill.

The ACC Divers of the Week honors go to Florida State’s Aidan Faminoff and the Seminoles Molly Carlson.

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