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The top 5 of collegiate volleyball has been the domain of teams from the PAC 12, Big Ten and Big 12 for years. The last time there was an ACC team in the NCAA Championship? Never. Women know all too well how difficult it is to break the glass ceiling. That same story is playing out now with volleyball. Pitt is close to crashing the party as they rise in this week’s AVCA Top 25.

The Panthers aren’t the only team from the conference holding down a spot in the poll. Louisville moves up this week as well while Florida State, a beach volleyball powerhouse, slips a bit in the Top 25.

While Pitt and Louisville have sliced through opponents the Seminoles stumbled against un-ranked Colorado State, 3-0. The loss dropped Florida State from No. 22 to No. 25.

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Though the Rams haven’t cracked the Top 25 they were ranked No. 28 in the preseason poll while the Seminoles were No. 31. With the win Colorado State is No. 26 in this week’s poll.


Crashing The Party

AVCA Top 25 – ACC


Stanford remains at No. 1 followed by Nebraska, Texas, Penn State and Baylor. Wisconsin fell from No. 4 down to No. 9 and Illinois dropped from No. 5 to No. 14.

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Baylor had the largest jump to the top 5 from last week’s No. 17. Michigan fell from No. 14 to No. 24 while Colorado made a big leap from the Receiving Votes category to No. 19.

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