Consensus? Not Quite


This week’s numbers indicate that there’s only one top team in women’s college basketball. Did everyone in the two polls think it was a consensus? Not quite and that shouldn’t be a surprise considering how the season has transpired thus far. The AP Women’s Basketball Poll and the USA Today Sports Top 25 Women’s Basketball Coaches’ Poll are all on board the Notre Dame train. Of course, that’s when it comes to who’s number one.

So, how did it all break down in the final tally? The Irish rolled up the vast majority of first place votes but there are a number of panelists who are enamored with two other teams. And, the voters couldn’t pinpoint who they thought should be in second place.

Ultimately, both polls have 7 teams from the ACC receiving votes but only 5 making the AP Top 25. The Coaches’ Poll says it should be 6 teams. When it comes to conference teams in the top 15 both agree on who and are relatively close on where they are ranked.

Consensus? Not Quite

It’s a runaway for Notre Dame in the first place votes category in the AP Poll. The Irish nailed down 22 of 30 ballots. Baylor grabbed second place and 7 votes while UConn pulled in 1 vote and sits in third.

Louisville remains in fourth place this week while Oregon holds onto fifth place.

AP Women’s Basketball Poll

  • #1 Notre Dame
  • #4 Louisville
  • #8 NC State
  • #13 Syracuse
  • #22 Florida State
  • RV #32 Clemson
  • RV #35 Miami

Consensus? Not Quite

That train isn’t slowing a bit in the Coaches’ Poll as Notre Dame nails down 26 out of 32 first place votes. The top five remain the same again this week with UConn holding down second and tallying 4 first place votes. Baylor is third and nets 2 votes. Louisville and Oregon round out the top 5 in this poll as well.

USA Today Sports Top 25 Women’s Basketball Coaches’ Poll

  • #1 Notre Dame
  • #4 Louisville
  • #8 NC State
  • #14 Syracuse
  • #19 Florida State
  • #23 Miami
  • RV #41 Clemson

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Consensus? Not Quite

It’s never too early to start speculating on NCAA Tournament brackets. A quick stop into ESPN finds Charlie Creme delving into bracketology. He has good news for 8 ACC teams. (Bracket effective January 21, 2019)

Two conference teams get a No. 1 seed in Creme’s bracket. Notre Dame and Louisville along with UConn and Baylor are the top seeds. What other ACC teams get the nod at this point in the season? Here’s a list of teams, their seeding and the region they’ll be playing in according to Creme.

Charlie Creme Bracketology

  • Notre Dame #1 Chicago (South Bend)
  • Miami #6 Chicago (Corvallis)
  • Louisville #1 Greensboro (Louisville)
  • Florida State #6 Greensboro (Milwaukee)
  • UConn #1 Albany (Storrs)
  • NC State #2 Albany (Raleigh)
  • Clemson #8 Albany (Storrs)
  • Baylor #1 Portland (Waco)
  • Syracuse #3 Portland (Syracuse)
  • Georgia Tech #9 Portland (Waco)

Consensus? Not Quite

Do you want the bad news first or the good news? The bad is limited in scope so we’ll look at it first. If the bracket stays as is then Clemson may end up facing UConn in their second game. Miami is also looking at a rather large hill to climb if they make it to their second matchup in Oregon State. Florida State will be challenged in what would be their second game in Marquette. The final dose of bad news is for Georgia Tech who may face off with Baylor. The potential of wiping 50% of the ACC contingent off the tournament slate is real.

What about that other half? The two No. 1 seeds from the conference, Notre Dame and Louisville along with NC State and Syracuse all stand a good chance of winning their two opening round games. As the saying goes, it all looks good on paper. The possible third game scenario is where there is a clear cut challenge for each team.

First Things First

There’s still plenty of basketball on the conference schedule so bracket talk is pure speculation. Fun, but pure speculation. It all leads to the 2019 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament in Greensboro, March 6-10. There, teams will hash it out and further their chances of being selected for the NCAA Tournament. The conference is offering an amazing ticket package for sale in advance of the tournament that you’ll want to consider.