Commonwealth Cup: Andy Bitter And Jerry Ratcliffe Talk Football

Commonwealth Cup
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Some may say it’s a game 124 years in the making. This year’s Commonwealth Cup between Virginia and Virginia Tech goes well beyond the traditional rivalry. The football gods have deemed it to be the battle for the Coastal Division title in ACC football. For 15 years the trophy has resided in Blacksburg. This Friday, the fans, the tailgating and the smack talk all comes together in one place in front of a national television audience. The scene is set, the kick-off is at noon and all cards are on the table. Who walks away with the bragging rights and more than one title? Our special guests, Andy Bitter of The Athletic and Jerry Ratcliffe of talk football.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe not the best day and time to expect fans to leave their families. But college football has a way of generating hardcore fans. Fanatics. People who pack up the day before and leave for games before the birds even consider cracking an eye-lid.

They pop tents, set up grills, roll out coolers hours before the rest of us have even had our first sip of coffee. Die-hard followers of their team. It’s a passion like no other. And when the kick-off begins they’re hitting a new level of adrenaline.

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Commonwealth Cup

The electric environment of a game of this nature isn’t something fully appreciated when you are sitting on your couch at home. Being surrounded by this energy and being able to say, ‘I was at that game and it was crazy’, is something that lasts a lifetime. And, there’s always a handful of plays that are burned into your memory as well.

That is what games like this are all about. And most assuredly, more. A win for either team takes on a whole new meaning. The pride, the confidence and how it contributes to the future of the program all come into play.

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Yes, you’ll want to watch this game and preferably in person. As you’ll hear from our guests, both of them believe this will be a must see game as well.

Should you not be able to be at Scott Stadium in Charlottesville, there’s always television. The game is Friday, November 29 at noon with coverage on ABC.

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Commonwealth Cup