College Football Rewind

College Football

We’ve made it through the first three games (for most teams) of the college football season. The teams that lost a game due to weather concerns may (or may not) be scrambling to add another game. The odds of rescheduling the same team are just short of impossible.

Last week we suggested you take a look closer at execution in the video highlights. There are some glaring problems still plaguing a number of teams. Some offense, some defense and some both. We now know who you are as a team and so do your opponents.

Can the coaching staff work those kinks out of their system and grow their talent? Will players respond to this guidance or will they need a year to mature?

Let’s take a look at this week’s video highlights and do our ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacking’.

College Football Rewind

The first game of the week was a Thursday night game that was moved to late afternoon because of weather. The video highlights of this game are well worth the watch as Boston College and Wake Forest went at each other with everything including the proverbial kitchen sink. Overall, a fun game to watch.

The weather knocks down the number of games we have to share this week so we’ll toss in some interesting highlights that didn’t make the main video.

The Miami offense, especially Malik Rosier had an opportunity to shine against Toledo. If Mark Richt was hoping to build up the confidence of his quarterback he succeeded.

Sometimes games are grind it out events until one team outlasts the other. Syracuse took that approach with Florida State and eventually began wearing down the Seminoles defense.

College Football Rewind

There’s no doubt that Clemson has a monstrous defense but at this point of the season there is a looming question regarding the offense. Perhaps these highlights may answer that question in your mind.

Pitt appeared to have everything under control against Georgia Tech but one learns never to take your foot off the gas against Paul Johnson. The Yellow Jackets found their second wind against what had been a Panther stone wall defense by the second half.

Notre Dame’s defense keeps Vanderbilt at bay in another close win for the Irish. *Heads up – these are the highlights for Notre Dame only. We looked for and did not find any highlights for Vanderbilt.

Fans of Duke could be excused if they felt like the air had been let out of the balloon with the injuries the team has endured. The players that stepped up should wipe a lot of those fears away. Looks like you have a quarterback Blue Devils.

College Football Rewind

Virginia and Ohio moved their game to Vanderbilt to avoid weather issues. The Cavaliers offense opened up to deliver a win.

Louisville battled back and forth with Western Kentucky before locking down the win.

A quick reminder to assist all of the non-profit organizations assisting individuals affected by weather events. Recovery from disasters takes more than a few weeks or months. Sometimes it’s years. Visit the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD) for helpful information.

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