College Football Playoff Rankings

College Football Playoff Rankings

College Football Playoff Rankings

Did you miss the College Football Playoff Rankings on ESPN last night? With all those candy hounds cleaning out your stash last night it’s understandable.

Starting with the results up through week 9 of the season seems to be a good idea. Though for teams on the outside looking in, there’s never any satisfaction.

Members of the selection committee have very solid credentials. It’s doubtful that any of the members have missed much of the action sinced this season kicked off.

How do ACC teams fair in the initial ranking?


College Football Playoff Rankings – ACC Nation Podcast

Miami, though undefeated so far this season, has lost a bit of luster with the number of oh-so close wins. With the lack of a true signature win the Hurricanes don’t carry their AP Top 25 ranking of #9 over.

Virginia Tech has a solid win over West Virginia earlier in the season. Unfortunately, they also have a loss against Clemson. The Hokies have been treading water at #13 in the AP Top 25 and the committee agreed with that ranking.

NC State stumbled early in the season against South Carolina but picked themselves up and have had a solid ride. That is, until last weekend.

Facing #9 Notre Dame, the fourteenth ranked (AP Top 25) Wolfpack ended up with a loss. NC State dropped to #20 in that poll and the CFP committee echoed that ranking.

This weekend presents a great deal of opportunity for bigger and better things for each of these teams. Division titles, an ACC Championship and even a shot at the Top 4 could be in their future.

College Football Playoff Rankings – AP Top 25

The big question is, who are the top four teams, according to the committee? If you personally didn’t go trick or treating last night, now’s the time to ask the question. Would you like a trick or a treat?

You get both in the first week of ranking the Top 4 teams in the College Football Playoff.

The CFP committee members are placing a great deal of weight on a team’s strength of schedule. The number of wins isn’t enough for the committee. They want teams to work for and earn their way to a championship.

The top ranked team is Georgia and the question arises, why the Bulldogs instead of the Crimson Tide? Simple. The Bulldogs have played a stronger schedule plus you can add in a better win. Picking up games outside of the conference and battling your way through a season presents a solid resume.

Taking a look at the next two teams presents an opportunity to compare Notre Dame and Clemson. There’s no doubt that the Tigers have at least two wins that are better than any on the Irish’s schedule. You can probably argue that their schedules are equal.

Here’s the one thing that dinged Clemson. A loss to Syracuse. End of conversation.

College Football Playoff Rankings – The Bowls

The Top 4 teams bracket has #1 meeting #4 and #2 playing #3.

With this scenario, Georgia will face off with reigning national champions Clemson. At present, the Bulldogs and Tigers would face off in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl on Monday, January 1, 2018.

The Sugar Bowl in New Orleans would play host to #2 Alabama and #3 Notre Dame on the same date.

The College Football Playoff National Championship will be in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Monday, January 8, 2018.