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Coastal Chaos
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We all know the ACC Coastal is mediocre this year. Every team has played at least half of their conference schedule, and all seven teams are separated by one game in the loss column. Every team in the Coastal has played at least seven games. None of them are bowl eligible. But that’s just the beginning of the Coastal Chaos. 

In it’s seven FBS games, Miami has been outscored by its opponents. In those seven games, the Hurricanes have scored 151 points, while giving up 155. They’re also one play in the final minute of each game from being 1-7 on the season. They needed an interception to beat Central Michigan. They needed a late sack (and bad play calling) to beat Virginia, and they needed a touchdown in the final minute to beat Pitt. 

Somehow, Virginia Tech has gone from the biggest dumpster fire in the Coastal after getting destroyed by Duke at home, to suddenly having a shot at winning the division. But it hasn’t been easy. They nearly lost at home to Furman, thanks in some part to a bad call by the refs on an onside kick late in the game. The Hokies also needed five turnovers, and a late touchdown, to beat Miami. Then they needed six overtimes to beat UNC.

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Virginia is one of the teams that is on top, but, if you watch this team, you know what ails them: a competent offensive coordinator. If they had one, they’d have a lead and we wouldn’t have this Coastal Chaos. 

Coastal Chaos

What do we know about Pitt? We know they’re good enough to hang with Penn State. They’re bad enough to lose at home to the aforementioned Miami team, and nearly lose at home to Delaware. The Panthers have scored just 86 points in conference play so far, lowest of any of the seven teams. 

Are there any UNC fans left? Has this season given them all heart attacks? Seven of the eight games they have played this season have been one score games. So they could literally be one play per game away from being 8-0, or 1-7. Naturally, they’re 4-4. 

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Georgia Tech…well, we know they’re good enough to win at Miami. They’re bad enough to lose at home to a Citadel team that gave up 61 points to Samford. Thanks to the Coastal Chaos, they are a game out in the loss column. Realistically, they probably aren’t going to be much of a threat to win the Coastal.

Coastal Chaos