Cavaliers Break Through Glass Ceiling


Cavaliers Break Through Glass Ceiling

There’s no better time to check in with Joe Lunardi than when there’s a significant shift in the brackets. A power shift is underway within the ACC as the Virginia Cavaliers grab a number one seed moving up from two.

Duke, who has seemingly been a perennial lock as a top seed for a generation slips to number two.

Conference teams making forward progress in addition to Virginia includes Clemson, Notre Dame and Louisville.

The total number of ACC teams in the bracket remains at nine. The SEC has 8, Big 12, 7 teams, Big East racks up 6 and the Big Ten has 5.

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Cavaliers Break Through Glass Ceiling

Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology (January 11)

Nashville#3North Carolina – #14 Iona
Dallas#7Texas A&M – #10 Syracuse
EASTPittsburgh#8Florida State – #9 Butler
Charlotte#2Duke – #15 Pennsylvania
WESTBoise#4Clemson – #13 Murray State
Wichita#7Notre Dame – #10 Marquette
MIDWESTCharlotte#1Virginia – #16 Robert Morris
Wichita#6Miami – #11 Boise St or Houston
Detroit#7Arkansas – #10 Louisville

Cavaliers Break Through Glass Ceiling

As many a non-fan of Virginia and their style of play will be quick to tell you, there’s plenty of time for the Wahoo curse to kick into gear. Just what kind of curse might that be? Is it the same that can bite any conference team where it counts?

Between cold streaks on offense, injuries and upsets there are plenty of nasty things lurking around corners waiting to jump out and yell, Wahoo!

Cavalier fans are hoping there’s no such thing as the Wahoo curse, (we don’t think there is). Plenty of other teams would like to see it work in their favor if there is actually such a thing.

For the time being Virginia and Clemson are the only two teams that unbeaten in conference play. Fans want it to stay that way. In under two weeks, Tuesday, January 23, the teams will meet in Charlottesville. Only one will walk away with a win.

There are plenty of challenging games left on the ACC schedule after that and, of course, the ACC Tournament. The championship returns to New York, March 6-10 and will help the NCAA selection committee with seeding. By then, maybe Joe Lunardi will be adding more teams from the ACC.

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