Caroline Darney – Virginia Sports, Life And Laughs

Our special guest is SB Nation’s Caroline Darney who shares her thoughts on Virginia sports, how Coronavirus impacts life and a laugh or two on this episode. Where to start when it comes to talking with Caroline? We took several steps back to the abrupt finish of the ACC Tournaments and the reality that college basketball was done for the season. Be sure to check out Virginia coverage at Streaking The Lawn.

Now that several months have passed Caroline reflects on how everything transpired.

What if the ACC Tournament had played out. Who does Caroline believe would have come out on top and why?

Who moves forward from the ACC into the NCAA Tournament? Is there a national title team among the mix? Thought exercises always require a caveat.

The one team within the conference that, ‘why do we keep doing this’, applies to.

Caroline details some of the impact of COVID-19 on college sports….the good and the bad. How the money game plays out with athletes.

Caroline Darney

Will rule changes hurt or help college basketball?

Sports media and related fields takes a hit due to the pandemic and what some of those changes mean.

Animals make all the difference when you work from home.

Projecting the possibility of fall seasons playing out. Is it becoming a money question?

Cutting sports isn’t the answer and here’s why.

A Look At Virginia Football and Basketball

Challenges for Bronco Mendenhall’s 2020 team are right up front. The QB situation is intriguing. The Cavalier’s defense looks good. Is it a bowl game team?

Breaking down a loaded basketball team. Who brings what to the game?

The Wooden Classic, Big Ten Challenge and Villanova adds to the dynamics of the coming schedule.

Binge Time

What’s on TV? Making the most out of the offerings by NetFlix and Amazon. A great list of shows to watch should you become bored.

What not to listen to in podcasts during a pandemic.

“Do you think Tom Nook is a crook?”

Clearing up a myth regarding Caroline’s dog.