Busting Loose | ACC Women’s Basketball ’23 Is Rowdy


If you’re looking for some crazy good hoops the ACC women are busting loose. With five teams in the AP Top 25, nine in the latest projected post-season bracket and ten knocking at the NCAA Tournament door we think you could say things are a bit rowdy. Now, for those of you paying attention we’ve been saying the conference women have got it going on for years. So, if you haven’t caught on it’s time to jump on the bandwagon.

Notre Dame is the top ACC team in the rankings (see below) but let’s talk about Duke. The Blue Devils are on an eleven game win streak and lead the conference with a 6-0 in house record. They’re just a notch behind the Irish in the NET and in Charlie Creme’s Bracketology seeding. But don’t get too focused on just one team here as it’s a weekly battle to see which team will swap spots among the AP Top 25.

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The top five ACC teams are –

  • Duke 6-0
  • Notre Dame 5-1
  • Florida State 5-2
  • Louisville 5-2
  • Miami 5-2

Notre Dame’s one loss came at the hands of North Carolina, 60-50. Florida State dropped games to Boston College, 77-71 and Louisville, 83-75. Louisville’s losses were to Duke, 63-56. Virginia Tech, 81-79 while Miami lost to Florida State, 92-85 and Notre Dame, 66-63.


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AP Top 25 – ACC


The movers and shakers in the poll? Duke moves up 3 spots with North Carolina grabbing 5 rungs in their climb. The Wolfpack have the biggest drop among conference teams dropping 9 spots this week.

What rankings mean more at this point? The NCAA NET Rankings and from here on out those are the numbers that will be the ones to follow especially if you’re hoping your team makes it into post-season action.

NCAA NET Rankings – ACC


In the grand scheme of things these are the numbers (above) that influence bracketologists as they project which teams will play and where they might be seeded for the NCAA Tournament. Keep in mind that the women’s tournament has expanded to 68 teams and instead of four regional sites there are now two.

Charlie Creme of ESPN has weighed in on how he views teams at this juncture of the season. We’ll just be looking at the teams from the ACC but we encourage you to follow the link so you can view the entire bracket.

  • #2 seed – Notre Dame
  • #3 seed – Duke
  • #4 seed – Virginia Tech
  • #5 seed – NC State
  • #5 seed – Florida State
  • #6 seed – North Carolina
  • #9 seed – Louisville
  • #11 seed – Miami
  • #11 seed – Virginia

Creme has Miami in his Last Four Byes category, Virginia in the First Four Out and Syracuse in the Next Four Out. If any of these three teams want to lock in a spot then every game, especially against ranked opponents, moving forward they’ll need to be busting out as many wins as possible.

The regular season schedule concludes on Sunday, February 26 with the ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament slated for play March 1-5 in Greensboro.