Bracketology ’24 | Bold Predictions


Is there such a thing as dependable bracketology? Well, it depends upon where you may be looking. When it comes to 2024 NCAA men’s basketball we turn to Jason Carmello who has been ranked among the Top 20 by The Bracket Project. The organization looks at 5 years worth of results and you’ll find Carmello’s Big Underdog at 16. Take a look for yourself and while you’re there look for the major media guys, too.

Carmello joins Will and Jim to talk not only about the NCAA in general but to share his thoughts on how ACC teams are performing so far and why he has six conference programs already lined up and ready to go. Who are those teams and why does he think they should be seeded where they are in his latest bracket?


You’ll be hearing much more from Carmello this year as ACC Nation keeps an eye on how teams are performing as they shoot for a spot in the NCAA Tournament. We’ll share his bracketology and have him on as a return guest. As we’ve recently found out with football, we shouldn’t take anything for granted so a close eye is warranted.

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