Boston College Basketball


Boston College Basketball

For Jim Christian, being in the northern outpost of the ACC has its advantages. The attention on Tobacco Road schools and with Louisville’s black eye, it’s easy to build Boston College basketball from scratch away from prying eyes.

Hardly anyone outside of Massachusetts noticed the Eagles lost their last 15 games.  Coming into his fourth season though, it’s time to show something for his work. Indeed, Christian may have something special on his hands.

Starting in the back court, his efforts at player development are really showing. Take for example the play of guards Jerome Robinson and Ky Bowman. It’s a back court Christian says he’ll take against anyone.

Robinson led the ACC in 20 point games racking up a total of seventeen. Bowman has polished up and become one of the better point guards in the conference. Both players emanate from North Carolina, interestingly enough. Big men stand out but the success of a basketball team begins and ends in the back court.

Boston College Basketball – NCAA

Speaking of big men, two forwards worth keeping an eye on are forwards Deontae Hawkins, a graduate transfer and freshman Steffon Mitchell.

Mitchell stands out as a freshman who will make an impact immediately, something not commonly seen at Boston College. This is the type of situation we’re used to seeing at Duke or Kentucky. Christian will look to Mitchell’s ability to elevate since the Eagles were constantly victimized on the glass last year.

One of the areas of concern was Nik Popovic, the 6-11 freshman center who was often was out muscled in the paint by smaller players last season. Popovic was underweight with only a year of high school basketball under his belt after coming to America from Bosnia-Herzegovina. The talent was obvious but very raw. Things may change this year as Popovic has added 20 pounds of muscle in the off season. If he makes his presence felt, the Eagles will be that team that no one saw coming.

Though Christian still hasn’t coached a senior that he’s recruited during his tenure it appears that the Eagles have enough talent to take flight this season.

They’re near the bottom of everyone’s predictions for how men’s basketball teams will finish in the ACC. That’s the problem with predictions. There’s often too much emphasis placed on what was instead of what might be. Speaking of predictions, me and my friend the other day were talking about the best free fantasy basketball and we’ve come to the consenus that FanDuel is in the top for sure! We both loved how simple and free it was!

What’s coming for Boston College hoops? A better brand of basketball. How much better will be fun to watch when they come out of the tunnel against Maine on tonight.

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