Best Doughnuts (Donuts?) In ACC Nation (DOH!)

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Plenty of people are familiar with Dunkin’ (one on every block in New England) and Krispy Kreme (the light’s on so cut across four lanes of traffic). But what about those truly special treats from local bakeries and restaurants? Who among these craft food artisans has the best doughnuts (donuts?) in ACC Nation? Food & Wine’s David Landsel has the perfect guide in, ‘The Best Doughnuts in Every State’ so we decided to take a look and share his findings.

Whether you dunk, dip, eat them with a fork or enjoy licking your fingers after the final bite let’s add another delectable morsel to your bucket list. These tasty treats may be just down the street, across the state or even further. No matter how near or far make sure you find time to indulge a bit.

There’s something for everyone in this dizzying array of delights. Cake, flour, vegan, stuffed, topped, fruits, chocolates and sprinkles. So no matter your preference there’s bound to be one you’ll enjoy. Oh, and yes, there’s bacon.

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Best Doughnuts


If you find yourself in the western side of the Commonwealth, say, the Springfield area, then you’ll need to stop by Donut Dip. A part of the community since 1957. From their website – “We pride ourselves on our donuts. Some of our specialties include our Homecut, Old Fashioned Sour Cream, Apple Cider, and Honey Dip. We have all kinds of cake and raised donuts, filled and frosted.” Of course they offer a lot of other pastries and even breakfast, too. Add a cup of New England coffee and you’re ready to go.

Courtesy: Donut Dip/Instagram


It all began in Wynwood with locations primarily in Miami and Orlando plus Texas. The Salty Donut says that they are, “a family-owned, artisan donut shop that focuses on chef-made, small-batch, craft donuts that rotate based on seasonality.” Their yeast-raised donuts are based on a Brioche recipe making them buttery and fluffy while their cake donuts are crunchy on the outside and soft & moist inside. When it comes to coffee Salty Donut serves Intelligentsia and features a menu that “challenges the norm.”

Courtesy: The Salty Dog/Instagram


If you live in and around Richmond you may have experienced the unusually shaped, sourdough, glazed doughnuts from Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen. If not, don’t look for the location on their Instagram page, look for the schedule of where they’ll be from week to week as they’re truck based. This hand crafted treat is perfect for anytime of the day and exudes home-made in it’s richness. They’re best fresh but don’t hesitate to put a few aside for a weekend indulgence.

Courtesy: Mrs Yoder’s Kitchen/Instagram


Up the road a piece from Pittsburgh is Beaver Falls and therein lies Oram’s Donut Shop. They have been making donuts for over 80 years and pride themselves on an old-fashioned secret recipe. Oram’s focuses on quality and their donuts are bigger as well. They feature creme and custard filled donuts, jelly-filled, specialty, cake and raised along with their best selling cinnamon rolls. Make sure you check out their menu for seasonal offerings as well.

Courtesy: Oram’s Donut Shop/Instagram


Creativity and quality are the two focus point of Atlanta based Sublime Doughnuts. The two 24/7 locations (one’s close to Georgia Tech) feature a star shaped yeast selection with citrus infused cream and topped with orange glaze. If that doesn’t do the trick they can slice open a doughnut and fill it with strawberries (pictured below) or offer up an A-shaped Boston cream with Callebaut chocolate glaze. Sounds like a good stop before and maybe after a Yellow Jackets game. And just in case you’re in the neighborhood they also have a location in Bangkok. That’s right, Thailand.

Doughnut or Donut? Does It Matter?


What would life be without bacon? Nord’s Bakery in Louisville found a tasty solution for combining pastries and bacon (pictured below) in their popular bacon maple long john. It’s among the newer additions to their menu after Nord’s picked up the mantle of Klein’s Bakery. In addition to classics like kuchens (German Christmas cookies) they feature doughnuts and Holland Creams stuffed with fluffy buttercream and frosted for good measure.

Courtesy: HelloLouisville/Instagram

New York

You’ll have to head to the Buffalo area to enjoy the cannoli style filled doughnut (pictured below) from Paula’s Donuts. The husky sized wild yeast doughnuts have been putting a smile on faces in western New York since 1994. The hand-made and fresh selection includes: glazed, jelly, Angel Cream, specialty fillings and Bavarian donuts. Paula’s features additional pastries such as Bear Claws, Apple Turnovers and cinnamon rolls. Looking for breakfast bagels and coffee? How about tea? Don’t forget sandwiches. You won’t go away hungry.

Courtesy: Paula’s Donuts/Instagram

South Carolina

The BKeDSHoP in Charleston is one of those places you stop into for a delicious morning pastry and coffee and find yourself staying much longer than anticipated. It’s more than just the fruit fritters that just happen to be vegan by the way. They offer yeast donuts, filled, fritters, cake donuts and a nice variety of other vegan goodies as well. However, it doesn’t stop there. They’ve got an espresso bar along with a broad selection of interesting drinks. Just when you thought you could leave their plant shop draws your eye. No rushing here.

Courtesy: BKeDSHop/Instagram


What exactly is a ‘fry’? At Long’s Bakery in Indianapolis they’ve taken the best of a fritter and yeast doughnut and created long lines out the door. Not only can you eat more than one but you’ll find the price very pocket friendly as well. Start with the cinnamon and also enjoy the yeast and cake donuts in a wide variety of flavors and fillings.

Courtesy: Long’s Bakery/Facebook

North Carolina

Asheville is home to all things unique and creative. This is applied liberally to Hole Doughnuts where their single-yeasted dough recipe contains organic stone ground flour, unrefined organic cane sugar, sea salt, cage free eggs and whole butter, and are fried in non-GMO rice bran oil. That’s just the beginning of this journey for your taste buds as they feature seasonal flavors that change weekly. You’ll get to see the process for yourself as the dough is rolled out (no skimping here), fried, glazed and delivered fresh for you to enjoy. There’s a nice selection of coffees and teas as well.

Courtesy: Hole Doughnuts/Instagram