Best Breakfasts: 15 Top Eats Across ACC Nation

Best Breakfasts
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ –

I’ve had my choice of elegant resorts and truck stop diners for breakfast. Many an early, early morning meal has been consumed at Waffle House. On a recent late afternoon shopping excursion with my better half I heard the siren call of Cracker Barrel. Indulging in scrambled eggs, bacon, grits and coffee only seemed appropriate. And of course, The Egg & I is in the neighborhood. They tempt me with Eggs Benedict. How can you go wrong with breakfast?

When I was younger I thought it odd that my parents would indulge in some quick scrambled eggs and English muffins. It all seemed so, well, random. Then, I realized the error in my ways. Breakfast is comfort food. If you enjoy a few late night drinks the biscuits and gravy may help level things out.

As you hit the road for a game or two it’s critical that you know where the best breakfast spot in town is located. We’ve put together a list specific to each ACC team.

To put this list together we went to Yelp where the vote of the people counts. Lets take a look at the places where those who frequently indulge in breakfast are giving a hearty thumbs up.

Best Breakfasts

Best Breakfasts

You’ll find that the majority of these breakfast restaurants are typically open from early morning until early afternoon. There are some exceptions. So, if you’re looking for that overnight hookup with pancakes and bacon you’ll have to dig deeper.

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This list doesn’t serve as an endorsement. It’s merely a way to find a breakfast spot that has received enough votes from patrons to rise to the top. That in itself speaks volumes.

Whatever your taste, biscuits and gravy, cheese grits, sausage, scrambled eggs or plain old oatmeal, go forth and find your comfort food.

Jim Quist is Managing Editor of ACC Nation and Co-Host of ACC Nation Podcast. He’s a member of NSMA (National Sports Media Association), FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) and USBWA (U.S. Basketball Writers Association). He is enrolled in the Beer Brewer Professional Certificate program at the University of Richmond and is somewhat of a ‘foodie’. Follow him on Twitter @ACCTheQ.

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