Beer Buzz And A Jones

Projected Picks
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The guys of ACC Nation Podcast are at it again and this time they’ve put together two of your favorites, beer and football. There’s a buzz about two new additions to the football family. The first is New Belgium’s sports collaboration with NC State, thus the beer buzz. The second comes courtesy of Duke’s Daniel Jones in the NFL Draft and that checks off the football buzz.

As always, there’s a little of something for everyone as we update you on conference sports. We take a peek at ACC and NCAA Championship(s) plus who sits atop different sports in the conference and the rankings.

Our special guest is from Bil has some interesting insights into how breweries are working with your favorite sports teams. We’ll take a look at one right here in the ACC.

You know how it is when you ask someone, “how you doing” and you regret it 20 minutes later once they’ve finished answering? Always be careful what you ask and who you’re asking. In this case, we knew who, what and exactly the quicksand we were flirting with and asked anyway. Life’s fun that way. Why not flirt with fire once in a while?

Beer Buzz And A Jones

  • Clemson’s Clelin Ferrell is the top pick from the ACC in the NFL Draft
  • Was it the best pick up front for Oakland?
  • Thoughts on Mayock’s performance going from pundit to power broker
  • Gruden, the coach. Will he find success with the Raiders?
  • Get the popcorn ready for the Jones discussion

NFL team news

Sports Collaboration Beers

  • Bil from talks with Jim about ‘Old Tuffy’
  • Sports collaborations beers
  • Taste? Novelty?
  • Craft Beer – Big taste, big can. Are Pack fans ready?

Why Giants, Why?

  • Xayveon approaches the Daniel Jones pick from a fan’s perspective
  • All of the Giants’ fan sites wrapped up into one rant
  • Boring face?
  • Is it a play for Trevor Lawrence in 2021?
  • Two bags of popcorn
  • No meat left on the bone

More NFL Draft

  • Clemson’s Christian Wilkins heads to the Dolphins
  • Nothing but good words for the projected day one starter
  • Boston College doesn’t get enough respect
  • Eagles’ Chris Lindstrom adds to the NFL picks as he’s scooped up by Atlanta
  • Florida State’s Brian Burns set to terrorize for Carolina’s defense
  • Clemson’s Dexter Lawrence picked by the Giants
  • Mixed bag – But, did New York do something right?
  • Minnesota is the new home for NC State’s Garrett Bradbury
  • Question – Did the Vikings overpay for Kirk Cousins?

Beer Buzz And A Jones

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