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It’s time to follow the sentiments expressed in the song, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and put 2018 behind us. What better way than Clemson claiming the national football championship on Monday night? Raise your pints Tigers fans. Now it’s time for the madness of ACC basketball. On this week’s ACC Nation Podcast Will and Jim give a quick rundown of sports news then look back over the football season. To cap things off they break out the Ouija board for ACC basketball.

  • Clemson football takes home the trophy
  • Legendary Virginia football coach George Welsh passes
  • Mixed bag of bowls for ACC football
  • USCHO Ice Hockey, NWCA Wrestling, USTFCCC Indoor Track, CSCAA Swimming and Diving

It’s a brand new year, football has wrapped up and basketball is hitting full stride. Some amazing matchups are coming for ACC teams. The fast and furious movie series has nothing on the schedule that is ahead.

First things first, however. The conference was topsy-turvy in football with the usual suspects (minus Clemson) dropping like flies. That allowed teams in rebuild, Syracuse and Virginia, to rise rapidly. Year end performances weren’t what we expected or were they? Who were the winners? Who are the winners? What teams will have different faces among the coaching staffs?

Auld Lang Syne Podcast

Will Ojanen breaks down the 2018 football season.

  • Syracuse – Babers gets an extension, lose Eric Dungey
  • NC State – Lots of loss of talent points to rebuild
  • Boston College – Bowl cancellation is anti-climatic, A.J. Dillon returns
  • Pitt – Close bowl loss, OC departs, loss of seasoned talent
  • Georgia Tech – Flat bowl performance, Paul Johnson retires
  • Virginia – Big bowl win, return loads of talent, contender?
  • Miami – Mark Richt retires (?), Manny Diaz takes over, roster turnover
  • Virginia Tech – Young team gets seasoned, contender?
  • Duke – Lots of turnover, David Cutcliffe is an ‘over-achiever’

Auld Lang Syne Podcast

Are ACC Basketball Teams Who We Thought They Were?

The guys take off the kid gloves. The ‘real season’ is underway and they don’t hold back. Who’s performing and who’s underwhelming? Is it ever too early to say, ‘we’ll get ’em next year’? For a couple of ACC teams that’s the best they can hope for.

  • Georgia Tech makes a bit of a statement against Wake Forest
  • Has the “bright and shiny” worn off Danny Manning as a coach?
  • Florida State comes up short against Virginia
  • Will and Jim do some major ‘name dropping’ (shamelessly)
  • Boston College hits the Hokie wall
  • Update on Virginia Tech ‘no goes’
  • North Carolina ‘quiets the haters’ against Pitt
  • Triangle media ‘hype machine’
  • Will interjects – ESPN is worse (no argument)
  • Syracuse works out frustrations on Notre Dame
  • Youth works to the advantage of the Irish – next season
  • Duke powers past Clemson
  • Is Tre Jones the key to winning for the Blue Devils?
  • Who can ‘get’ Duke? Will has some ideas

Contracts, hair color and nerve grating hype. There’s no holding back.

Auld Lang Syne Podcast

The One Word Analysis (Or Five)

Will provides a snapshot of all 15 ACC men’s basketball teams and what you should expect this season. Even Jim is surprised by a few. It’s quick, down and dirty analysis. What? You wanted cheesecake?

Will Ojanen is a member of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association. He and his wife share their thoughts on craft beer at Will and Sami’s Beer Blog. Follow him on Twitter @WillsWorldMN

Will Ojanen is a member of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association. Follow him on Twitter @WillsWorldMN.


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