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This week the voters in the AP Top 25 are sold on three teams from the ACC as well as Notre Dame. With good reason when it comes to three of the four.

The big story continues to be Notre Dame. With last Tuesday’s playoff committee pick of the Irish as the third ranked team in the country, the AP voters follow that lead in the poll.

In part because of the CFP Rankings and also, because both teams essentially clinched division titles this weekend, Clemson and Miami both move up.

Virginia Tech drops after a loss to the Hurricanes and NC State falls from the Top 25. Any hopes of a division title this year for either team have now been dashed.

After Clemson’s win over NC State and Miami’s statement against Virginia Tech, both teams are pretty much in the driver’s seat of the conference

Could there be a train wreck just ahead that would prevent these two from meeting for the ACC Football Championship? Nothing is impossible but in this case it’s highly doubtful.

AP Top 25 – The ACC & Notre Dame

  • #3     Notre Dame
  • #4     Clemson
  • #7     Miami
  • #17    Virginia Tech
  • RV     NC State(#27)

AP Top 25 

Ranked teams with match ups this week include; #3 Notre Dame at #7 Miami, #4 Clemson at Florida State and #17 Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech.

No bones about it, the Irish visiting the Hurricanes is our big game of the week. The interesting thing about this game may not be so much who wins as what happens to the teams in the CFP and AP Top 25 if they lose. That subject alone created more buzz than any other game this season among the writers here at ACC Nation. We’ll find out the answer this weekend.

Clemson at Florida State was the game that should have been at the beginning of the season. The Tigers appear to be headed toward another shot at a national championship. Do the Seminoles have enough left in the tank to pull out an upset that could ruin the season for Clemson?

The battle of the Tech’s is always a good show. Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech will decide who rides shotgun with Miami in the Coastal. A win puts these teams into a better bowl pairing at the end of the season.

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Also on the schedule this week; Pitt takes on North Carolina, NC State has a hungry Boston College on their hands, Syracuse and Wake Forest, Virginia goes head to head with Louisville and Duke plays horseshoes and hand grenades with Army.

Each game will feature a unique match up that promises some solid football this weekend.

Pitt has been slogging their way through a muddied game plan and seem to be catching their second wind. North Carolina is struggling but have given opponents some interesting fights recently. You can never go wrong with a Pat Narduzzi versus Larry Fedora game.

NC State certainly is one of the better teams in the conference this season. They’ve had two tough games back to back and will face a rising Boston College.The Eagles appear to have found their stride on offense. This has the earmarks of a game that football fans shouldn’t miss. Two solid defenses, a quality offense and one that is on the rise. What more could you ask for? Pass the popcorn, please.

AP Top 25 

Speaking of evenly matched teams that have given top tier teams a run for their money this season. Syracuse and Wake Forest are a bit dinged up but they’ve both delivered some extraordinary flashes all season long. Another can’t miss game on the ACC schedule this weekend. A Dino Babers and Dave Clawson strategy battle will be fun to watch.

Just when you thought Virginia was out of the run for a bowl bid they rise to knock off Georgia Tech. As we’ve said before, Scott Stadium is a dangerous place to play. More so now that the Cavaliers, behind Bronco Mendenhall, have put together an exciting program. Virginia will have the pleasure of facing one of the best quarterbacks in the nation in Lamar Jackson. The Cardinals defense and offensive line has been spotty this season but Jackson has not been. The Cavaliers will be busy chasing the elusive one.

Duke will face off with the Black Knights and they’ll have their hands full. Army can always find ways of frustrating opponents. The big question facing the Blue Devils will be if David Cutcliffe can get Daniel Jones and the offense back into the game. The defense will take care of themselves.