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Four ACC teams and Notre Dame take different positions this week in the AP Top 25. Notre Dame takes the lead after a convincing win over NC State this weekend.

Only one conference team moves up in the rankings. Clemson moves one notch after a slog fest with Georgia Tech.

Two teams made big moves in the poll and once again this week, Notre Dame is one of those teams. The Irish move up four places after a similar move last week.

NC State drops six spots overall in the eyes of the voters.

There are two question marks that arise as to placement of Miami and Virginia Tech.

Miami fell one spot, perhaps reflecting the struggle to put away a team with a dubious 2017 resume. The Hurricanes felt as if they were on the precipice of disaster against North Carolina. Nonetheless, it was a win and maintained a spotless record.

Virginia Tech delivered the type of one-two punch to Duke that you would expect from a team in the top 10. But wait, the voters didn’t see it that way and leave the Hokies hanging out to dry. No change in the rankings this week, again, for Virginia Tech.

AP Top 25 – The ACC & Notre Dame

  • #5     Notre Dame
  • #7     Clemson
  • #9     Miami
  • #13    Virginia Tech
  • #20    NC State

AP Top 25 

Ranked teams with match ups this week include; #6 Clemson at #20 NC State, Wake Forest at #5 Notre Dame and #13 Virginia Tech at #9 Miami.

Lucky for all of us there are two big games to watch this week in the ACC. The first is Clemson and NC State with the Atlantic Division of the conference on the line.

Clemson, the defending national champions, come into the match up with a 5-1, 7-1 record. If the Tigers want to return to the title game they’ll have to start delivering bigger wins and that will start with the Wolfpack. Don’t expect the playoff committee to take Clemson seriously without a run of dominance.

NC State enters the game with a 4-0, 6-2 record and probably missing a shot at the playoffs after their loss to the Irish. All is not lost, however, as a win against the Tigers would clinch the Atlantic and a shot at the ACC Championship. It certainly won’t hurt the type of bowl bids they’ll receive either.

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The second game could turn into a Coastal Division championship win should Miami knock off Virginia Tech. With a win over third place Georgia Tech already, the Hurricanes, 5-0, 7-0 could close the door on the Hokies and Yellow Jackets. A big win for Miami will go a long way toward eliminating doubt and push them closer to a shot at the playoffs. A win guarantees Miami will be meeting Clemson or NC State for the ACC Championship.

Virginia Tech have struggle to find their offensive game but there is no question that Justin Fuente and Bud Foster are delivering a hot licks defense. Beamer Ball lives on in the special teams performances of the 3-1, 7-1 Hokies as well. With a win over Miami, the Coastal isn’t locked up. Virginia Tech will have to face Georgia Tech the following week in order to lock it up and possibly get another shot at Clemson.

Both Miami and Virginia Tech are just outside the top tier of teams considered for playoffs at the moment. A win here and in the championship tilt opens new doors of possibility.

Coming off big wins often sets up teams for failure the next week. Both Notre Dame and Wake Forest have come off big wins and need to keep focused on the task at hand.

For the Irish, continue pounding the ball. For the Demon Deacons, find an answer to that running game on the other side and make sure you deliver points whenever and wherever you can.

AP Top 25

Games on the schedule that will offer more than their fair share of thrills includes; Syracuse at Florida State and Georgia Tech at Virginia.

The Seminoles are struggling. It seems to have come down to the mental part of the game more than their athletic ability. Syracuse is a team on the rise and would like nothing more than to claim a win over the vaunted Florida State as a recruiting weapon. In the alternative universe we now reside in, this is a big game for both teams. A win is crucial on so many levels beyond the record book that it’s staggering.

Scott Stadium is strangely cursed if you’re a Yellow Jacket. Virginia needs to pull out the voodoo dolls and start putting in the pins so they can head to a bowl game this season. Bronco Mendenhall has to get an even performance out of both sides for his Cavaliers to lock up a win.

Paul Johnson has to lift Georgia Tech up so they can keep in running for the Coastal. Bowl bids are also a topic of discussion in Atlanta. The Yellow Jackets can’t look past the Cavaliers. Getting the option back into rhythm and aggressively unleashing the defense will go a long way toward breaking that curse.