AP Preseason Top 25: College Football’s Top Teams

AP Preseason Top 25
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The tradition of college football begins with the AP preseason Top 25. It’s no different this year as the panel of voters project who they believe to be college football’s top teams. We’ll find out who has the bragging rights to the No. 1 position to start the year. It will take us the remainder of the year to find out how accurate that prediction will be.

We never assume that a reader has been here before so we’ll let you know that ACC Nation covers 15 teams. That includes Notre Dame who plays as an independent in football but plays a set number of ACC teams annually. Thus, as you’ll find out in our ACC Nation Power Poll and Pigskin Picks the Irish are in the mix.

If you listen to ACC Nation Podcast/Radio you also know that we believe that Clemson is the top team in the nation. We’d like to assure you that this isn’t from the viewpoint of a ‘homer’. It’s from statistics and analysis of the teams vying for that slot. If the Tigers weren’t the top team we’d say so. Count on it.

The important thing here is what do the voters think. Is Clemson the top rated team in all of college football this year? Let’s get our answer.

AP Preseason Top 25

Who are the top 5 teams?

  • #1 Clemson
  • #2 Alabama
  • #3 Georgia
  • #4 Oklahoma
  • #5 Ohio State

Where do the rest of the ACC Nation teams rank?

  • #9 Notre Dame
  • #22 Syracuse
  • Receiving Votes
  • #29 Miami
  • #32 Virginia
  • #36 Virginia Tech

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In week zero the schedule finds Miami taking on #8 Florida in Orlando. The game has generated a great deal of buzz. Manny Diaz will bring a freshman quarterback in Jarren Williams to the battle as he rebuilds the Hurricanes.

The fireworks have only begun as the Gators and Canes have signed a home and home series agreement for the future. This head to head may help spark the competitive rivalry that existed in the past into a new tradition.

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