American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer
Jim Quist @ACCTheQ

It’s American Craft Beer Week. Excuse enough for you to find out what adventures your friendly, neighborhood craft brewer has in store for your taste buds. But, honestly, do you need an excuse? What goes better together than sports and beer? I spoke with’s Program Digital Content Editor, Andy Sparhawk to find out what Craft Beer Week is all about. He provided a few reasons why you should expand your drink list.

Plus, we share their list of ‘Great American Beer Bars’ located in the United States of ACC Nation. It’s one we should all put on our own personal to-do list.

It would be easy for me to say, I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like. The reality is my palate would strongly disagree. Essentially, I like both food and drink that meet a higher standard. It doesn’t mean I won’t indulge in something as simple as a burger but even the standards for a hamburger can be raised to something special. I can name a few places that specialize in hamburgers that meet that standard and exceed it. Why not enjoy, right?

That’s where I stand with beer. Specifically, craft beer. I participated in a tasting of several craft beers the other day using judging standards. It was enlightening and a great exercise. To say my fellow participants are great fans of craft beer would be an understatement. They also have discerning tastes. Did we all like everything we tasted? I’ll leave that answer in your hands.

American Craft Beer

American Craft Beer Week is a great opportunity to discover something new, something outside the norm. For a first timer unfamiliar with craft beers and looking for an adventure be sure to visit Take advantage of their ‘Find A Brewery’ link.

Heard This Week’s ACC Nation Podcast?

Know what you like? Fantastic. Or, you can ask for a recommendation from the bartender. If not, try a flight. Start with the lighter colored samples and work your way to the dark. Indulge in the aroma of each beer. Take a small taste. See where it takes you. If it isn’t your thing then move on to the next.

American Craft Beer

Life’s meant to be an adventure and that includes beer. In this case you’ll find it in craft beer where every day for brewers is a new adventure.

Looking For A Brewery?

Here’s the short list of ‘Great American Beer Bars’ found in ACC Nation states. Haven’t been? It’s American Craft Beer Week, what are you waiting on?

  • Florida – Oil Well Craft Beer, Ave Maria
  • Georgia – Brick Store Pub, Decatur
  • Indiana – Deer Park Irish Pub, Fort Wayne
  • Kentucky – Holy Grale, Louisville
  • Massachusetts – Armsby Abbey, Worcester
  • New York – The Owl Farm, Brooklyn
  • North Carolina – Craft Centric Taproom & Bottle Shop, Arden
  • Pennsylvania – Bulls Head Public House, Lititz
  • South Carolina – The Craft Stand, Lancaster
  • Virginia – Harry’s Alehouse, Fredericksburg

You’ll find the complete list here and be sure to check out their ‘Find A Brewery‘ link. Cheers!

*Special thanks to Andy Sparhawk, Program Digital Content Editor at for a fun and informative interview.

Jim Quist is Managing Editor of ACC Nation, a member of FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) and ACSMA (Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association). He is enrolled in the Beer Brewer Professional Certificate program at the University of Richmond. Follow him on Twitter @ACCTheQ.

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