Alabama Beat Down: Tim Brando Rolls Finebaum

Alabama Beat Down
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In our book there’s nothing more delicious than having a national analyst hand Paul Finebaum a dose of reality. Well, almost. We almost forgot about peach cobbler with home made ice cream. In this case, it could be a close second. Finebaum’s guest, Tim Brando predicted that Clemson will deliver another Alabama beat down. For those of you unfamiliar with the hootin’, hollerin’ (and don’t forget crowin’) of Paul Finebaum’s ‘all things SEC’ show do yourself a favor and steer clear. There’s being a homer and then there’s Finebaum. There is no thin line.

According to an article in Saturday Down South, Brando (@TimBrando), a Fox Sports analyst said, “I see a beat-down very similar to the one we saw a year ago.” Referencing, of course, the national title game he expects this season between Clemson and Alabama.

“I don’t see any way you stop Clemson from beating (Alabama) down again”, said Brando while sharing his thoughts on the coming season. Brando believes it will be very similar to the 44-16 ‘beat down’ that the Tigers delivered as they ‘rolled the Tide’ in the national championship.

Alabama Beat Down

Preseason Top 25 polls are a mish-mash of who starts off the season as the No. 1 team. The latest ESPN FPI (July 12, 2019) has Clemson as the top team with an FPI of 29.2 to Alabama’s 27.9. That may not seem like much until you look at the Win Out %. Clemson nails it with 48.9% to the Tide’s paltry 14.2%.

We almost hate to say it and we we wish we could emulate podcast host Will Ojanen’s imitation of callers to Finebaum’s show at this point. That there’s big numbers, Paul. And, in case you were wondering, there are more numbers floating around that paints a pretty picture for Dabo Swinney winning two in a row.

Alabama Beat Down


Brando goes on to predict that the Tide will win all of their games in the SEC including a title matchup with Georgia.

On ACC Nation Podcast (click here) both Jim and Will pick Clemson as the top team in the nation. They also predict that the Tigers will, once again, win the national championship. And, Jim predicted that Georgia will defeat Alabama for the SEC title this season.

There’s a whole lot of football between the opening kickoff and the College Football Playoffs. Without a doubt, much to prove before we say one dynasty is over and that another has begun. That time may have come.

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