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Power Outage

It feels as if the ghost of Yogi Berra is hanging around on this All Saints Day. The “it’s like deja’ vu all over again” seems to be creeping into this week’s ACC Nation Power Poll.

There are far too many teams that began the season with a bang that have lost their powder. On the other side of this equation we’re looking at teams that kept some in reserve for an explosive finish.

The big news this week revolves around the college football rankings where the top 6 teams in this week’s poll reside. Even more surprising may be the teams that aren’t in the playoff committee’s Top 25.

Who would have thought that the likes of Miami, Virginia Tech and Florida State would essentially be sitting in the stands watching the season slip away?

On this week’s ACC Nation Podcast, Will Ojanen and Jim Quist offer a quick analysis of ACC football and basketball.

ACC Nation Power Poll


ACC Nation Power Poll – What’s Next?

There are four more weeks of the regular season awaiting and the ACC Football Championship in Charlotte. Since the past three weeks have been topsy-turvy in college football, what’s to say the next four won’t be as well?

If you followed the link to our story regarding rankings you can see that how the season ends is far from settled. Even the college football playoff committee rankings will shaken and then stirred for effect this month.

Last week we mentioned Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website. We encourage you to visit the college football predictions page and experiment with the section that allows you to change the forecast.

Which games are most likely to have an impact on next week’s ACC Nation Power Poll?

  • Pitt @ Virginia
  • Syracuse @ Wake Forest
  • Georgia Tech @ North Carolina
  • Florida State @ NC State
  • Boston College @ Virginia Tech
  • Duke @ Miami

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