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Power Outage

Surprisingly, the dust is beginning to settle in the ACC Nation Power Poll. Last week we compared the teams to the build of a middle-aged man in need of some gym time. This week, the gym paid off with muscle on top but the teams on the bottom half have chicken legs.

What does it all mean? For the most part, the top tier teams are headed in the right direction as well they should be at this juncture of the season. The bottom tier teams have their moments.

A win or a loss doesn’t always impact the ranking of a team. There are multiple factors that come into play. The location of a game, head to head competition with other teams, rank or unranked, individual and team performances all add up.

These variables often sway an individual voter just enough to have an effect upon the points and ultimately ranking of teams.

ACC Nation Power Poll


ACC Nation Power Poll – What’s Next?

We’re rapidly approaching the end of October. It’s time to start looking closer at potential win/loss records and the possibility of getting a bowl invitation.

Athlon Sports picks 8 ACC teams for post season matchups including another shot at a national title for Clemson. The number to the right is the projected ESPN FPI W/L record.

  • Independence Bowl  Virginia vs Army  7.2
  • Pinstripe Bowl  Maryland vs Syracuse  7.5
  • Music City Bowl  Missouri vs Virginia Tech  7.3
  • Camping World Bowl  NC State vs Iowa State  9.9
  • Military Bowl  Cincinnati vs Duke  8.8
  • Sun Bowl  Utah vs Boston College  7.1
  • Orange Bowl  Clemson vs Ohio State  12.2
  • Cotton Bowl  Alabama vs Notre Dame  11.0
  • Cotton Bowl (National Championship)  Alabama vs Clemson

We won’t bank on any of these selections just yet. It does make for interesting conversation, though.

What games are on the schedule this week that may impact the Power Poll?

  • Virginia @ Duke
  • NC State @ Clemson

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