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Power Outage

This week’s word in the ACC Nation Power Poll is parity. Teams have reached a point in the season where, even though surprises may yet lurk, the odds of a drastic shakeup in the rankings is slim.

What exactly does parity mean among our 15 teams? You shouldn’t expect any major moves up or down in the poll for the rest of the season.

There is more than one team hanging by their fingernails on a week to week basis. We’ll point out that Clemson is not by any stretch a lock on anything at this juncture. The Tigers are now being pushed by the number two team in the poll, Notre Dame. To put a fine point on it, Clemson isn’t as good as we thought they’d be.

As we approach Halloween that’s a scary good proposition for the team that rises to the top of the Coastal Division of the ACC. The ACC Football Championship may hold more treats than tricks for the eventual challenger to Clemson.

Overall, there is little to no change in how teams are ranked this week. The Hokies move up a few notches as they catch their second wind and Duke slips following a questionable defense of their AP Top 25 ranking.

North Carolina takes a hit following their Thursday night game against Miami. The Tar Heels are not completely in the cellar as they avoid #15 by sharing the next spot up with Pitt. Misery loves company.

ACC Nation Power Poll


The Point Spread (As In Voting)

What, if anything, did this past week tell us about ACC football?

Perhaps one of the more Captain Obvious types of observations has to do with teams that are improving. After a game or two you would expect players to begin picking up on the nuances of their position and team play coming together.

There are a number of teams that reside in the ACC Nation Power Poll that aren’t moving in the right direction. We won’t call them out but fans know already if their team is improving. One look back at the schedule and you can see the trend.

What games are on the schedule this week that may impact the Power Poll?

  • Boston College @ NC State
  • Clemson @ Wake Forest
  • Florida State @ Miami
  • Notre Dame @ Virginia Tech

On this week’s ACC Nation Podcast the guys look at the Clemson and Wake Forest as a bit of a trap game for the Tigers. A good performance by Lawrence and company this week will go a long way toward stoking the fires among those voting in the polls. Watch for Dave Clawson to throw everything in his playbook at Dabo Swinney.

The Seminoles and Canes rivalry is worth the price of admission to this game. It doesn’t carry the same type of swagger as in the past but it should be fun nonetheless.

The two top games are the first and last on the list. They’re both “prove-it” games for all four teams. If you live within a 100 miles of either stadium and the weather is just right, you’ll probably hear the crowd noise much like a freight train off in the distance.

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