ACC Nation Power Poll

Power Poll

Seemingly one week out of every ACC football season is pure mayhem. This past weekend must have been the one. The results sifted the flour and now we have some biscuits in the oven as teams begin to settle in to this week’s ACC Nation Power Poll.

Last week we spoke about how the point spread (voting tally) was beginning to establish a pattern of separation. This week, and we’re not sure this will hold true past this week, we’ve established four tiers of teams in the conference.

The top-tier contains three teams with a difference of only 5 points. Think of this as the cream rising to the top.

Next, the mid-tier contains six teams with a difference of 10 points from top to the bottom. This group contains everything from up and comers to teams that are too good to ignore even with inconsistencies.


The mid-lower tier consists of three teams who are separated by 8 points. Each has potential yet they’ve also had more than one red flag breakdown in this early season.

Finally, the lower-tier with three teams where the bottom team is a mere 3 points away from the top. In some fashion these teams could easily be referred to as cellar dwellers. That isn’t always a good way to describe this group. Yes, they may be at the bottom today but within the conference they can easily work their way back up in the Power Poll next week.

Be sure to look at all the video highlights from this weekend’s action at College Football Rewind.

ACC Nation Power Poll


The Point Spread (As In Voting)

Once again, Clemson dominates the ACC Nation Power Poll and holds the top spot. The emergence of Trevor Lawrence at quarterback sparked an offense that has seemed to be asleep. If Dabo Swinney can keep that upward trajectory on track Tiger fans will have to don shades.

Notre Dame and Miami both come off games that show that these teams are headed in the right direction. Commitments to quarterbacks that have, so far, produced results are prudent moves by both head coaches.

Duke hasn’t given anyone a reason not to “like” them as they continue to push ahead. A solid game against Virginia Tech will add chocolate covered cherries to the “thinking of you” card from voters.

Boston College took a nose dive with an uninspired game against a team that hadn’t won this season until the Eagles visited. Lots of work to do to get things back on track.

ACC Nation Power Poll

The Wolfpack are one of those relentless and dogged pursuers that will sneak up on you when you aren’t looking. They’ll face a nice challenge to both sides of the game as Virginia comes to town. This game should let us all know who they really are in terms of “tier-teams”.

Virginia Tech. Oh, Hokies where for art thou? Was it all smoke and mirrors to start the season or did you just forget how to play after taking a week off? Digging a hole and throwing dirt on top of yourself isn’t a good look.

Syracuse, Virginia and Wake Forest continue to hold ground in the Power Poll. The Orange had an expected win over UConn. Virginia continues to improve and at the expense of Louisville this week. Wake Forest, you’ve lost two games but each to ranked teams. We’re not sure about the loss to the Eagles at the moment and the battle with the Irish, though painful, simply demonstrated you aren’t playing at that level.

Going There

Florida State has a long way to go to turn themselves back into a national champion. It has to start at the bottom and work it’s way back up. Yes, it’s a rebuild. Don’t live in denial and it’ll be less painful.

North Carolina may have a little something and perhaps an annual suspension of players should become  the norm. The Tar Heels showed some spunk against Pitt.

Where is Paul Johnson headed with Georgia Tech? We get all the short comings involving recruitment and yadda, yadda, yadda but are you satisfied with where you currently reside?

When you look up hot mess in the dictionary it shows a picture of Louisville. We hope that Chris Mack can save you from one Coach P, the question is who will save you from the other?

Is it time for Pitt to consider that a defensive minded coach who isn’t delivering defense may not be a good fit?

What games are on the schedule this week that may impact the Power Poll?