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Power Poll

A respectable number of national writers (who know what they’re talking about) haven’t been sold on the ACC this season and with good reason. This week’s ACC Nation Power Poll puts our writers to the test. Hopefully, by week three of the season, a clearer picture will emerge of the conference.

Nothing changes at the top as Clemson remains the top team in this week’s rankings. That’s not to say an eyebrow or two weren’t raised (they were) over the final score against Texas A&M this weekend.

The second spot remains a tie between Virginia Tech and Boston College. There is disagreement about where the two teams rank on the forms submitted but not enough to change the ultimate outcome in the poll.

This week provided stats to pad numbers, a change (even if it was temporary) in leadership and some video that tries a coaching staff’s patience. Next week?

Let’s take a look at this week’s ACC Nation Power Poll and where each team ranked last week.

ACC Nation Power Poll


The Point Spread (As In Voting)

One of the more intriguing aspects of a Power Poll is the difference of opinion. What’s even more fascinating is how those perspectives all settle in statistically to give an interesting view of the conference.

The top 5 teams under the ACC Nation umbrella are a bit hard to argue with in the overall picture. Most level-headed observers wouldn’t argue with Clemson at #1. Things become very interesting when discussing the next four teams as there is no clear consensus.

After NC State, the majority of teams are all stacked up neatly with just one or two points separating each from the next team on the list.

Among the risers this week are Notre Dame, Duke, Virginia, Syracuse and Wake Forest.

The teams that are sliding include Florida State, Louisville and Pitt.

Next week? We’re looking at five “Tell Games” that have the potential of shuffling the Power Poll.

  • Boston College @ Wake Forest
  • Florida State @ Syracuse
  • Georgia Tech @ Pitt
  • West Virginia @ NC State
  • Duke @ Baylor

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