ACC Nation Power Poll

Power Poll

It’s time to take our first look at the fifteen college football teams in the ACC Nation Power Poll. We collectively rank the top fourteen conference teams and Notre Dame each week.

Each staff writer votes for their top 15 teams. The higher the ranking, the higher the points. A team’s ranking is a result of the collective tally.

If there’s one thing that is evident, if the season reflects the voting we may be in for a wild ride this season in the ACC.

One noteworthy comparison before we take at look at the inaugural 2018 ACC Nation Power Poll. Four conference teams were ranked in the preseason AP Top 25. One team that just got a nod in the receiving votes category made it into our top 5.

Let’s take a look.

ACC Nation Power Poll

  • #1     Clemson
  • #2     Miami
  • #3     Florida State
  • #4     Boston College
  • #5     Notre Dame
  • #6     Virginia Tech
  • #7     NC State
  • #8     Georgia Tech
  • #9T   Duke
  • #9T   Louisville
  • #11    Wake Forest
  • #12T  Syracuse
  • #12T  Virginia
  • #14    Pitt
  • #15    North Carolina

ACC Nation Power Poll

Clemson was an easy choice to kick start this season’s ACC Nation Power Poll. The Tigers are ranked #2 in the AP Top 25 and an overwhelming choice among the media to snatch another conference title.

The point spread between Miami and Florida State was razor thin. That may surprise fans of the Canes while the Noles are saying, I told you so. Miami has some question marks that left our writers feeling less than confident than say, last year.

When it comes to Florida State the return of so many critical pieces along with an obviously rejuvenated program bodes well for the team’s success.

Speaking of razor thin margins, the next three teams in the Power Poll are so close they’re wearing the same clothes. Boston College is a team that has been frequently overlooked in large part because of inconsistency. That will likely not be the case this season. The Eagles are locked and loaded.

Looking at Notre Dame one can easily be mislead by the loss of key personnel and well placed lack of faith in their quarterback. Don’t stray far from the green path of the Irish. They have more than luck on their side.

ACC Nation Power Poll

The third of this triumvirate is a team ranked at #20 in the AP Top 25. Virginia Tech have some exciting players on the offensive side of the ball but the defense is going to have to play Missouri ball (show me) to win over our group.

NC State isn’t too far removed from the last three teams in points collected in the vote. Ryan Finley is a great offensive weapon and if history has shown us anything, the Wolfpack are a pretty tight outfit. But, this is a Power Poll and we are comparing teams head to head. Our voters believe they are right at home in the middle of the conference.

The next three teams all present potential for having breakout seasons. What’s not to like about the exciting offense of Georgia Tech? How about the seasoned potential of Duke? The same goes for Louisville where a quarterback named Pass could light up the scoreboard by literally applying his name to the game.

A pin pricked and slightly deflated balloon resides at Wake Forest. A suspension free start to the season could have bumped the Deac’s up a few notches. Now everyone has to wade through murky waters and suck up what could be an ugly start.

ACC Nation Power Poll

The next two programs appear as if they will inevitably turn the corner but are still lurking near the conference cellar. Syracuse and Virginia are moving along, adding new recruits and finding their feet as viable programs. Will there be some excitement this year? As the saying goes, hold my beer.

The voters are expressing less than optimum confidence in Pitt or North Carolina. One is a painful because it’s taking an eternity to get their program together. The other is equally painful simply because they seem a bit out of control and lack focus.

If neither of these programs can pick up some steam this season their coaches will be early candidates for hot seats. Painful but realistic conjecture as we look into our college football crystal ball.

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