ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast with Chris Bond, Will Ojanen and Jim Quist. 

Episode 70

  • Be sure to check out the website for  ACC Football Previews as college football kick off approaches.
  • The USA Today/Amway Coaches Preseason Top 25 – A look at the teams from the ACC.
  • Shuffle the top 3 and any of those teams could be #1 to begin the season. No arguments with Florida State’s position.
  • Is Clemson ranked too high? The defense looks good for the Tigers but there may be too many questions on offense.
  • If Louisville begins the season like they did in 2016 and can maintain that momentum, they’ll move up quickly in the polls.
  • Still limited faith in Miami. The Hurricanes defense looks good but the offense is iffy for a ranking this high.
  • The Hokies defense is stout and vaults them into the Top 25. If Virginia Tech finds answers on offense. Watch out.
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  • Quick update on how ACC players that have moved on to the NFL are doing. Good word on Trubisky, Watson and Cook.
  • Continuing the Amway Coaches Poll, the guys look at teams in the Receiving Votes category. Who will likely move into the Top 25 and the surprise picks.
  • What team should be in this category?

ACC Nation Podcast – Last Week’s Episode

  • Could the ACC own anymore real estate in the United Soccer Coaches Preseason Men’s Top 25?
  • Does last year’s national title runner-up have enough swagger to wrap up a championship?
  • Taking a look at the United Soccer Coaches Preseason Women’s Top 25.
  • Who will push into this year’s NCAA postseason play and grab a title?

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  • The ACC Coaches Preseason Volleyball Rankings.
  • Who is the top team?
  • Which teams will break into the AVCA Volleyball Preseason Top 25 this week?
  • The All ACC Volleyball Team – Read more here.
  • Final thoughts – Tip of the hat to Wake Forest Athletics.









ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast



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ACC Nation Podcast





ACC Nation PodcastCelebration – I could think of no more appropriate way to celebrate than a frosty beer mug birthday cake for my partners Chris and Will.

Chris celebrated his birthday this weekend and Will adds another trip around the Sun next week. Happy Birthday, guys!

Slainte mhaith and Skal (Good health and cheers).

Be sure to send them an “interesting” and “creative” Happy Birthday on Twitter this week!

Chris @ACCMidnightink and Will @WillsWorldMN. I’m sure they’ll more than appreciate it. (Wink, wink, nod, nod).