ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast, Episode 56 with Chris Bond, Will Ojanen and Jim Quist. 

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  • Basketball, basketball, basketball. The end of this year’s seasons.
  • Quick Notes – Rowing, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball and Tennis. The rankings of ACC teams.
  • No ACC teams in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship but Will finds a connection anyway.
  • Chris sips on Kumquat Ale.
  • Former Pitt coach Jamie Dixon keeps throwing a monkey wrench into the ACC. This time as coach of TCU against Georgia Tech in the NIT Championship.
  • Consensus. Ben Lammers should definitely return next year.

North Carolina vs Gonzaga

  • Evenly matched and three OT’s before a winner was determined. Georgia Tech went to the wire in the WNIT.
  • Should the WNIT be played at a neutral site for the semi’s and championship in the future. Mehhh, kinda?
  • North Carolina – Oregon. A review.
  • The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Tar Heels & Bulldogs. You know who we’re picking.
  • A quick look at spring football and some early thoughts.
  • ACC Baseball. What’s up with Virginia Tech? Florida State? Boston College?
  • Final thoughts with Chris and Will.
  • Will talks hockey with Matthew and Jeff at  Check out their site and download their podcast.
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ACC Nation

ACC Nation PodcastACC Nation Podcast

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