ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast

ACC Nation Podcast. Episode 55 with Chris Bond, Will Ojanen and Jim Quist. 

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  • North Carolina sends fans to ER with last second win over Kentucky.
  • Final Four – Who’s in and what to expect.
  • What did it take to win? Team work.
  • Offensive showdown against Oregon.
  • Gonzaga and South Carolina. Wait? The Gamecocks?
  • Georgia Tech continues to surprise and delight Ramblin’ Wreck fans with their NIT performance.

North Carolina – Kentucky Highlights

  • NCAA Women’s Basketball – When depth and experience count.
  • Solid run by Notre Dame and how injuries take their toll.
  • Florida State must conquer two giants for a title.
  • The ACC has the potential to bring home 4 championships.
  • WNIT hopes now on Georgia Tech.
  • Tip of the hat to Kenny Brooks and the Hokies.
  • Why the NIT and WNIT are great for programs on the rise.
  • Final thoughts.
  • Chris with a nod to Notre Dame fencing.
  • Will smacks the hands of keyboard warriors grumbling over UVA.
  • Looking forward to baseball.
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ACC Nation

ACC Nation PodcastACC Nation Podcast

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