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A Big Week, A Bad Week – On this episode (#138) of ACC Nation Podcast, Will, Xayveon and Jim share observations on this week’s football games – Be sure you subscribe (free) to the podcast. Available for download – Apple Podcasts, Android, Email, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Blubrry and Spotify.

This Week’s Podcast Football Review

  • Georgia Tech destroys Louisville
  • The Yellow Jackets have NO passing offense but sure do have a ground game
  • Is Georgia Tech hitting their stride?
  • A theory on why Louisville got spanked by Paul Johnson
  • Two hots – One should be Petrino’s seat (find out why it isn’t) and what the Cardinals will be next year
  • Louisville needs to take a close look at how they structure their coaches contracts
  • The Letdown Factor
  • Syracuse suffers after last week’s adrenaline rush
  • It was what it was
  • Hiccups and Bitters
  • Wolfpack establish a running game
  • Ball control issues
  • What is the problem with Boston College’s defense?
  • A 180 by the Clemson offense – Now you look like a Top 5 team
  • No remedy in sight for Wake Forest’s defense
  • Taken to the woodshed
  • “Fansanity” – Miami fans don’t know if they are coming or going
  • That turnover backpack needs to go….no, seriously, we’re laughing at you not with you
  • Miami shows moxie
  • Hokies had a better showing than expected
  • The Irish need to be taken seriously
  • It’s all about execution
  • Virginia Tech is some sort of serious next year team
  • Xayveon chokies on his admission
  • Jim rings Will’s door bell….and salutes the Tech kicker

Who Leads The Divisions?

  • In the Atlantic it’s – Clemson, NC State and Boston College
  • In the Coastal it’s – Miami, Virginia Tech and Pitt
  • Clemson has a 6-0 record while NC State is 5-0
  • Why is Miami popping up all over the ACC stats?

What About Next Week?

  • Quick thoughts on upcoming games
  • Bounce back time for Boston College
  • An intriguing matchup between Duke and Georgia Tech
  • Could there be an upset in the making with Pitt and Notre Dame?
  • No more second guessing that Virginia is a trap game for Miami

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