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ACC Nation Podcast

On this episode (#122) of ACC Nation Podcast – Special Guest Brian Copple takes us on an interesting journey inside the world of officiating. Will and Jim talk with Brian about how playing basketball in Illinois helped spark his passion for this side of sports. Subscribe to the podcast and catch every episode.

In Other News – North Carolina moves on to Bracket play at the College World Series. Duke drops their second in a three game series with Texas Tech to end their run in NCAA post season baseball action.

  • How it began
  • A passion for sports, a passion for officiating
  • What it takes, staying up on the rules and how much it takes to stay on top of the game
  • Will sets Jim up for a T
  • The chatter between coaches and “ref’s”
  • Fans
  • Getting a better feel for the game
  • Keeping up with changes in sports
  • How it’s officiated
  • Why it may not be what you think it is when it comes to rules
  • Coaches
  • Some oddities
  • Keeping a rule book handy
  • Interesting Stories
  • Where to next and how to get there
  • Broadening horizons
  • Look for some Big Ten analysis in later episodes
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Music by Jahzzar

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