ACC Nation Football Rankings


ACC Nation Football Rankings

The Way-Too-Early Top 25 college football rankings started in January. Many of them out before the national championship was decided upon. Then there’s the right after college teams have their spring practices type of rankings.

Once in awhile, when everything is deadly silent on the football front someone will piece together some click-bait to keep you busy. Or, maybe there’s a tried and true publication that makes you dig for your credit card. After all, you want access to the goods that no one else….oh, never mind.

We’ve been keeping an eye on teams in the ACC year round. That means digesting the status of recruits, people who transfer and what team member steps up to replace a role player. You could toss in new coaches, guys who get booted for breaking the rules and even new schemes if you’d like.

ACC Nation Football Rankings

Let’s be frank about this, no one has a solid clue in blue blazes what’s going to happen in college football. If anyone hits 95% accuracy or above on picks make sure you squirrel them away at Motel 6. No need in sharing your new found wealth with others.

On the most recent episode of ACC Nation Podcast, Will and Jim tossed out their thoughts on the ACC. The guys broke down how they felt teams in each division of the conference would rank. To make this seem more like the regular season we knocked on Xayveon’s door at 3:00am and pulled him to a table with pen and paper. He was profusely thankful as you might imagine.

First, let’s take a look at how we think football in the Atlantic will stack up.

Florida StateNC StateFlorida State
NC StateFlorida StateNC State
Boston CollegeBoston CollegeBoston College
LouisvilleWake ForestWake Forest
Wake ForestLouisvilleSyracuse

ACC Nation Football Rankings

During the podcast Will pointed out that after the front four of the Atlantic Division parity was the word. The same occurred within the Coastal Division but a bit more in the middle of the pack. Again, ranking teams prior to them actually playing a few games is truly more for entertainment. Too many variables here folks.

How about the Coastal? Is there a run for the money on this side of the ACC?

Virginia TechVirginia TechDuke

Georgia TechGeorgia TechVirginia Tech
DukeDukeGeorgia Tech
North CarolinaNorth CarolinaNorth Carolina

We lay no claims to the accuracy or even the sanity of some of these choices. Last season the guys had weekly football pick percentages that hovered around 75%. An extra 10 percentage points could almost put them to work in Vegas….almost. Those points are hard to come by.

One last note when it comes to ACC football teams. How are the coaches doing? Any warm seats out there?

Dennis Dodd at CBS Sports ranks all of the FBS coaches in his article from 0-5. The front end of the scale means you will probably be buried in the middle of the field during Homecoming. Three coaches from the ACC rank as high as a 3 on Dodd’s scale. It isn’t the best place to be but “Pressure’s Mounting” seems to be the work conditions of most coaches. Take a look at the list here.

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