ACC Football Chicago Style


ACC Football Chicago Style

Brett McMurphy reported that the NCAA’s Football Oversight Committee have three new bowl games set to begin in 2020. For those of you unfamiliar with McMurphy, he’s the former ESPN College Football Insider and he’s got a pretty solid track record for breaking news. McMurphy posted on Facebook June 11 that one of the new college football bowls is likely to be played at Wrigley Field (home of the Chicago Cubs).

The new bowl, according to McMurphy will feature the Big Ten against the ACC. Though nothing, in public view at least is a lock the indication is that Chicago is a done deal. It simply awaits a final announcement from the NCAA July 1. There is some indication that there has been some discussion with the SEC as well however the ACC appears to be the front-runner.

According to Cubs President of Business Operations, Crane Kenney the field can be expanded by removing rows of seats and the top of the dugout. “The field will expand to the west here to allow for a longer field than we had last time” alluding to previous games played at Wrigley by Northwestern.

ACC Football Chicago Style

McMurphy states in his post that the Big Ten will drop the San Francisco Bowl after the 2019 season to accommodate the new location. That will leave the Pac 12 scrambling for a new partner.

One potential sticking point is that the Cubs want a higher-rated Big Ten team rather than one ranked sixth or seventh in the conference.

No word, yet from the folks in Greensboro. The idea of reaching into yet another major television market must have John Swofford chomping at the bit, though. Notre Dame already carries weight in the Chicago market so this is an opportunity to open the door for the rest of the conference.

With the addition of three new bowls in 2020 the number of post season venues rises to 43. This means, using current numbers that 84 out of 130 FBS teams will be in a bowl.

According to the NCAA the definition of a deserving team is one that has at least a 6-6 record against FBS teams. That record can include wins against FCS opponents as long as that team averaged 90 percent of the permissible maximum number of grants in aid during a two year period.

ACC Football Chicago Style

Exceptions include, permitting teams into bowls with 5-7 records. Those teams must have achieved a multiyear Academic Progress Rate allowing postseason participation.

One added and interesting point will have bowls subject to annual reporting to ensure they remain in solid financial standing. According to Bob Bowlsby, NCAA committee chair, “We want to have better reporting to make sure bowl games are financially sound. We wanted to strengthen the bowls.”

The new process requires autonomy five conferences, such as the ACC, to allocate one of their commitments for participation in the College Football Playoff.

Here are the NCAA’s new total allowable primary bowl commitments by conference/independent team. Notre Dame is included in the ACC for bowl allocations. (NCAA)

  • ACC  11
  • SEC  11
  • Big Ten  9
  • PAC 12  8
  • Big 12  7
  • AAC  7
  • Conf USA  7
  • Mid-American  6
  • Mountain West  6
  • Sun Belt  5
  • Army West Point  1
  • Brigham Young  1

ACC Football Myrtle Beach Style

What about those other two bowl sites? According to McMurphy, Myrtle Beach (where there is no stadium) has been discussing with ESPN about starting a bowl game. The business and tourism leaders of the Grand Strand have a ready and willing partner in Coastal Carolina who just happens to have a stadium. Conway, the home to the school is barely a hop (forget skip and jump) away from Myrtle Beach. The school is expanding the facility to accommodate 20,000 by this season.

If the location is added to the list of bowls it will likely host a game with a team from the Sun Belt Conference. The opponent will come from either Conference USA or the Mid-American.

The Sun Belt would likely cut ties by 2020 with one of four current bowls in their lineup. That list includes the Arizona, Dollar General, Camellia or Cure Bowls.

Where would the third bowl be located? McMurphy reports that Arizona State has expressed interest for a bowl in Tempe. Two other communities have also thrown their hats into the ring, Charleston, SC and Greenville, NC.

McMurphy has a few more tidbits worth taking a look at in his Facebook post. We recommend you keep up with him on both Facebook and Twitter.

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