ACC Basketball Rewind


ACC Basketball Rewind

Are you looking for some great NCAA basketball highlights? From college basketball’s best conference, half of whom are Top 25 and some off the charts plays, what do you have? You’ve got ACC Basketball Rewind featuring highlights from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

While you’re here, we’ll provide you links to some great in-house pieces, our podcast plus connections to stories you won’t want to miss. We’ll share the AP Top 25 for men and women, the Pomeroy Ratings, Jeff Sagarin/CBN Women’s Ratings and keep up with Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology.

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Prepare yourself to wake up on the other side of watching hours of phenomenal basketball action.

ACC Basketball Rewind

We’ll start it off with a taste of 2017 March Madness and a collection of dunks from the tournament. Are you ready for the 2018 Final Four?

Take a look at where ACC teams stack up this week in the AP Top 25 – MenWomen

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Will Ojanen takes a look at Georgia Tech basketball in “Peach Turnovers

ACC Basketball Rewind – Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology

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