ACC Basketball Power Rankings


ACC Basketball Power Rankings

For every college football fiend frothing at the mouth in anticipation of kickoff there are just as many rabid basketball fans chomping at the bit. Time to feed the hoops animals with a look at the power rankings of ACC men’s basketball.

Too early for you? Keep in mind teams are already touring and playing in early tournaments. Add these factors into the equation as well. The ACC will debut two things in 2019 that will have us all looking at conference sports in a different light.

The first, since we’re talking about basketball is the expansion of the schedule from 18 to 20 conference games per year.

The second part of the equation is the long awaited ACC Network on ESPN.

ACC Basketball Power Rankings

Tie these two items together and you have some fascinating ideas on the board. The Daily Press’ David Teel sat down with ACC Commissioner John Swofford who revealed that the new network would in all likelihood have exclusive multiple conference matchups in November. Those games would be spread out over several days to draw in new viewers. As a side note, the same would apply to football kickoff. Teel shared some of these revelations with us on ACC Nation Podcast following ACC Kickoff.

Sports Illustrated’s Molly Geary has put together an early look at conference teams and how they all stack up. Geary’s article asks and answers some key questions regarding personnel. We’ll highlight some of those here.

  • Will Duke’s ‘One and Done’ crew suffer the consequences of inexperience playing together?
  • Can the Blue Devils gel?
  • Does Roy Williams have a player that can fill the shoes of Joel Berry?
  • What would it be like to have a ‘6″7 point guard on the floor for the Tar Heels?
  • With an Elite Eight under their belt are the Seminoles hungry for more?
  • Florida State returns four of six of their top shooters and five top rebounders.
  • Pitt invests in the future with Jeff Capel at head coach.
  • Is it too early to expect results from the Panthers?
  • What will Notre Dame be like without Colson, Farrell and Gebon?
  • Why you shouldn’t overlook the ‘quiet’ talent of the Irish.
  • Can Virginia repeat their run through the conference again this year?
  • The Cavaliers return a solid roster that carries a chip on their shoulders.
  • Has Chris Mack calmed the storm in Louisville?
  • The Cardinals may have a rocky season but don’t count them out.

ACC Basketball Power Rankings

When it comes to a preseason favorite for ACC Player of the Year honors will it be tried and true experience or a newcomer?

Can the conference break their record by sending more than 9 teams to the NCAA Tournament this year?

Sports Illustrated ACC Power Rankings-The Top 5


Want to find out how all of the teams in the ACC stack up in the Sports Illustrated Power Rankings? Be sure to read Molly Geary’s complete story here.